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Split Decision: Life Stories

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Book Description

Ice-T rose to fame in the late 1980s, earning acclaim for his music before going on to enthrall television audiences as Odafin “Fin” Tutuola in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. But it could have gone much differently.

In this “poignant and powerful” (Library Journal, starred review) memoir, Ice-T and Spike, his former crime partner—collaborating with New York Times bestselling author Douglas Century—relate the shocking stories of their shared pasts, and how just a handful of decisions led to their incredibly different lives. Both grew up in violent, gang-controlled Los Angeles neighborhoods and worked together to orchestrate a series of jewelry heists.

But while Ice-T was discovered rapping in a club and got his first record deal, Spike was caught for a jewelry robbery and did three years in prison. As his music career began to take off, Ice made the decision to abandon the criminal life; Spike continued to plan increasingly ingenious and risky jewel heists. And in 1992, after one of Spike’s robberies ended tragically, he was sentenced to thirty-five years to life. While he sat behind bars, he watched his former partner rise to fame in music, movies, and television.

“Propulsive” (Publishers Weekly, starred review), timely, and thoughtful, two men with two very different lives reveal how their paths might have very well been reversed if they made different choices. All it took was a split decision.

Editorial Book Review:

By Norman Jones

"Split Decision: Life Stories" is an exciting and deeply personal look at the different paths of two men who came from similar hard backgrounds but ended up going in very different directions. This book, which was written by Ice-T, his former crime partner Spike, and experienced author Douglas Century, is more than just a list of crimes. This book shares a story about fate, choices, and forgiveness.

Ice-T is a well-known name in both the music and TV fields. In this memoir, he uses his honest, unfiltered voice to show how he grew up in Los Angeles areas where gangs were common. His story of how he went from robbing a gold store to becoming a famous rapper and actor is strange and interesting. It's truly inspiring to hear Ice-T talk openly about how he went from being close to destroying himself to becoming a cultural hero.

Spike's story, which runs parallel to and sadly separate from the main story, adds a huge amount of depth and complexity to the book. His story is a powerful lesson of how a few bad choices can have effects that last a lifetime. The book doesn't hold back from talking about Spike's fall deeper into crime, which led to a terrible robbery that got him a long jail term. Through Spike's eyes, readers can see how societal problems and personal demons can keep people stuck in loops of crime and punishment.

Because of Douglas Century's work, the book is not only very interesting but also very well put together. It's impressive how he was able to show how different Ice-T and Spike's lives are while still keeping the story interesting and unified. The result is a biography that is "poignant and powerful" (Library Journal) and "propulsive" (Publishers Weekly), and it keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

The story of two guys in "Split Decision" isn't just about them; it's also about choices and the thin line between success and failure. The story makes the reader think about how the choices they make and the ways they take affect other people. This autobiography shows how strong you can be and how making the right choice can change your life, even when the odds are against you.

If you're a reading into true crime, biographies, and stories about real people who changed their lives, "Split Decision" is a good choice for you. This book gives us a clear, honest picture of the results of our actions and the power we all have to change our destiny. Thought-provoking and exciting, Ice-T, Spike, and Douglas Century have written a story that gives us useful information about the human situation and the power of personal change.

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