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Diary of a Psychosis: How Public Health Disgraced Itself During COVID Mania

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Book Description

You remember the story: some locations did better than others on Covid because those places followed the rules, and others foolishly ignored them. Covid spread was your fault, you science hater!

There is precisely zero evidence behind any aspect of this morality play, which is demolished by this book.

Diary of a Psychosis is different from all other books on Covid: it traces the development of the government response as it happened, bit by bit, and subjects it to relentless scrutiny: did any of it do any good?

It thereby preserves some of the crucial day-to-day details that other chronicles have forgotten. And it's those little details of the bizarre behavior of those years that, presented together, preserve for the reader the full horror of the madness of those dark days.

The more people know the information in this book, the harder it will be for the ruling classes to do this to us again.

Editorial Book Review:

By Ashley Monroe

Tom Woods' "Diary of a Psychosis" is a comprehensive account of the government's reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak. The book features Jay Bhattacharya, MD, PhD, who wrote its foreword and offers a perceptive look at the laws that molded one of the most turbulent times in current history.

Among the abundance of COVID-19 literature, Tom Woods' work stands out for following the development of government actions in real time while critically examining each choice that was made. The story he narrates captures the events as they happen and preserves the minute nuances that many have missed. This day-by-day method highlights the ridiculousness and, at times, the downright crazy of the era by letting readers experience the confusing assortment of answers and restrictions as they occurred.

An important strength of "Diary of a Psychosis" is that it constantly questions whether these steps are working. Woods carefully destroys the common belief that strict adherence to public health rules always led to better results. By putting together government policies and real-world results, he shows how the pandemic reaction was flawed by contradictions and unintended outcomes. This book is a very important warning that these policies had effects on society that went beyond health data and often did a lot of harm to underrepresented groups.

Readers will find it especially moving that Woods feels compassion for people who are being hurt by the pandemic measures. His story gives people who suffered under strict rules a voice and brings to light stories that were often ignored in popular conversation. The caring point of view the author took makes the book original and heartfelt; it's not just a criticism of policy; it's also a story of a person's strength and pain.

This book is a must for anyone interested in the pandemic's effects on public health, policy, and the social and political scene. Woods' careful research and moving writing make this the official account of the COVID-19 reaction, which can be used to teach history and warn people about what could happen in the future. Policymakers, health workers, and concerned people should all have to read this book in order to make sure that past mistakes don't happen again.

In conclusion, Tom Woods offers an important, in-depth, and required analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic response. "Diary of a Psychosis" serves as a reminder of the broad effects of our decisions and acts and is a monument to the value of compassion and examination during difficult times.

Author Thomas E. Woods

Thomas E. Woods, Jr., was educated at Harvard and Columbia University (where he received his PhD), and was honored with the Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award in Vienna in 2019. Woods is the New York Times bestselling author of 13 books, which in turn have been translated into over a dozen languages, and his book The Church and the Market won the first prize in the Templeton Enterprise Awards.

Woods has appeared on MSNBC, CNBC, FOX News, FOX Business, C-SPAN, and other outlets, produced his own program for EWTN, and he is the host of The Tom Woods Show. He was a creator of the self-taught, K-12 Ron Paul homeschool curriculum. He lives in central Florida with his wife and five daughters.

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