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FreedomFest Staff Picks 

Our team of passionate and knowledgeable staff members at FreedomFest is dedicated to curating a selection of thought-provoking books that delve into the essence of freedom and liberty. With their vast expertise and diverse backgrounds, our staff members carefully recommend books that challenge the status quo, explore different perspectives, and ignite intellectual curiosity. Their thoughtful selections encompass a wide range of subjects, from political philosophy and economics to personal empowerment and historical and non-fiction narratives. We are proud to present their recommendations and believe that their collective insights will enrich your understanding of freedom and inspire meaningful conversations.

Mark Skousen

Founder & Producer


Valerie Durham

Executive Director

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Jo Ann Skousen

Co-Founder & Director of Anthem Film Festival

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Matt Day

Director of Programming

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Autumn Skousen

Director of Finance

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Michael A. Beas

FreedomFest Book List Liaison

CEO - Atlas Elite Publishing 

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Hayley Aragona

Attendee Relations Manager

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